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Planning your Asphalt Maintenance Schedule

Just like everything in your life, asphalt and your pavement is one of those things that requires routine maintenance so you get your best return on investment.

Not maintaining properly or in a timely manner can result in costly repairs that could of been avoided. Its always important to be proactive and maintain an active budget for necessary maintenance.

M&D Blacktop Co. recommends the following four items to always keep up with your routine maintenance:


  • Sealcoating should be done every 3-5 years

  • Sealcoating is a regular, proactive measure that can protect your pavements. Sealcoating applied per manufacturer specifications will guard against:

    • Sun Oxidization

    • Environmental Elements (rain, snow, freeze, thaw)

    • Leaks and Spills (oil, gas, diesel)

When these elements penetrate your pavement, the asphalt will become brittle and degrade, leading to cracking, breaking, and potholes.


  • Crackfill should be done as needed (usually a 1-2 year timeframe) and when sealcoating your pavements.

  • Crackfill and sealcoating should always be done together to protect dirt, debris, and water from penetrating your asphalt surfaces.

  • Water is the #1 enemy for pavement. When water gets under your pavement and starts the freeze and thaw cycle, it causes the pavement to expand and contract causing major cracking, potholes, and at the worst, subgrade/base failure.

  • This is the reason why regular crackfilling is a very crucial part to your asphalt maintenance.

Pothole Repair

  • Potholes should be taken care of as soon as they are visible.

    • Potholes can cause serious vehicle damage or personal injury if left unattended.


  • Restriping should be done when sealcoating or when there is fading in lines and markings throughout the lot.

  • Restriping is a cheap, effective way to give your pavement a facelift but also keep all of your patrons safe.

Your costs will be strictly driven by your needs based upon how your maintenance has been kept up. A solid, all around budget can be achieved by working with us to make sure all areas are being addressed.

M&D can create a service schedule that can address the current property's pavement situation and how to keep maintenance going or what needs to be done to get maintenance up to par.

Give us a call and let us show what COMPLETE Asphalt Maintenance can be!

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