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Commercial Parking Lot Standards

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Does your pavement make the grade to leave a lasting impression on your clientele?

Believe it or not, the first thing a client, resident, or potential customers sees when they come to your business, office, or community is not the business sign or landscaping, its the parking lot. You could potentially lose that customer before they even come in the door due to a cracked, faded, pothole riddled parking lot.

This is why it is essential to make sure your pavement is not only safe for foot and vehicle traffic but also leaves a lasting impression by being properly maintained.

Selecting the correct Paving or Sealcoating contractor can make it or break it for you when it comes to proper installation of asphalt or sealcoating for ultimate curb appeal!

How to tell its time to repave your parking areas

Your parking lot needs to be safe first and foremost, but it also needs to look great and be up to code with state and local ordinances (I.e. ADA requirements). Below are some questions to ask yourself to help determine whether or not your parking lot is in need of repaving.

Does your pavement areas hold water or flood during heavy rains?

  • Water is public enemy number one when it comes to the lifespan of your pavement. Appropriate drainage should always be planned and discussed to ensure your parking lot doesn’t flood or hold water.

  • Drainage issues can lead to premature and excessive damage which in turn will lead to costly repairs.

  • This can potentially lead to the erosion of the subgrade which will lead the parking lot to crack, cave, and buckle.

Does your pavement have a light grey, faded color? Is it cracked? Does it look brittle?

  • Years of regular wear and tear diminish the integrity of any pavement surface If not properly maintained.

  • Proper maintenance will allow you to get that longevity out of your pavement you want.

  • Crackfilling and Sealcoating are the two main tools to keep your maintenance up to par.

Does your parking lot have a strong, supporting Sub base?

  • The sub base of your parking is the MOST important part that you can’t see.

  • Sub base failures often lead to sinking, cracking areas.

Do you have smooth transitions with existing pavement?

  • Your parking lot should integrate smoothly with existing pavement that may have been previously refurbished.

  • Those transitions should be created with a smooth, precision cut.

  • If you find yourself tripping over uneven pavement it may be time to repave.

Was your parking lot installed previously at the right thickness?

  • The durability and longevity of your parking lot depends on how thick that pavement was laid previously based off the type of traffic you face.

  • Thicker pavement will allow for heavier, more frequent traffic.

What about your storm drain?

  • Like stated previously, water is your worst enemy.

  • If a storm drain is sunken, installed incorrectly, or cracked, water can drain onto your lot or into the sub base causing soft earth to shift.

What about your parking lot striping?

  • Parking lot striping adds a pleasing visual aesthetic to your parking lot.

  • With noticeable, bright pavement markings, it can be a liability for your business.

Are you ADA compliant?

  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) have specific laws that require a specific number of accessible spots based of the number of regular spots.

  • If you have 26-50 spots you have to have at least 2 accessible spaces to be complaint.

Contact M&D Blacktop Co. To see if you Parking Lot is up to Standard

At M&D, we always strive for a no nonsense, COMPLETE Asphalt Maitenance solution. Our quality and customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Contact Us Today!!!

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