Hot Pour Crack Sealers

The goal with any asphalt maintenance program is to keep the existing asphalt surface safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

As asphalt ages, cracks are inevitable; and with cracks comes deterioration. As cracks develop, water is allowed to penetrate to the asphalt’s base. This in turn can weaken your asphalt base and wash away valuable aggregate; both leading to costly repairs if not treated.

By properly cleaning and sealing your cracks, we can prevent moisture from entering your asphalt's base. Hot-Pour Crack Sealing provides a very cost-effective means of preserving your asphalt.

M&D uses a unique, state-of-the-art style of preparing cracks. A propane-powered heat lance that emits a powerful blast of hot air, burns out all vegetation, dries up all moisture and removes all debris from the cracks. This allows the crack sealant to bond to the asphalt as well as possible.

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