Asphalt Repairs

Your customers, tenants and employees expect to be provided with a safe, functional and smooth asphalt surface. It is imperative to your property’s value that you maintain it on a regular basis.

One of most important and often times, most needed item in any asphalt maintenance plan is completing asphalt repairs or patch work.

Asphalt can begin to fail for several different reasons: Poor construction, lack of drainage, differed maintenance or simply Mother Nature can all lead to your blacktop failing. These failed areas need to repaired quickly otherwise they will continue to deteriorate the existing asphalt surface and lead to more costly repairs in the future.

Example Specification for Asphalt Repairs:

• Saw cut joints of asphalt repair(s).

• Excavate repair area(s) to a depth of 4” to remove deteriorated asphalt and base.

(Depending on the existing traffic patterns and load trucks, a deeper repair may be necessary)

• Haul the debris off site.

• Clean vertical edges, roll existing base for compaction, and apply asphalt tack to the edges.

• Install 2” of compacted #402 base course asphalt.

• Install 2” of compacted #404 finish course asphalt.

• Apply asphalt tack/sand or hot pour rubberized crack sealant to outside joint of the repair area(s).