Asphalt Paving

Asphalt paving is the cornerstone to any asphalt paving / maintenance company. M&D Blacktop provides its customers with the experience and quality that is essential to any paving project.

Asphalt Overlay:

As asphalt ages and extends past its designed life cycle, it will become necessary to install a new layer of asphalt that will extend the "wear life" of your asphalt surface; this process is called asphalt overlay.

In dealing with an asphalt overlay it is essential that your contractor be aware of several items:

How will your pavement drain water after the overlay is completed?

What types of repairs are necessary to be completed prior to installing the new asphalt surface?

What type of butt joints will be needed?

How much scratch course will be necessary to help alleviate the potential of low spots?

What thickness (compacted) is recommended for the existing traffic patterns and load trucks?

All of these issues should be discussed with your paving contractor prior to signing a contract.

Example Specification for an Asphalt Overlay:

Clean and remove all loose debris from proposed surface.

Drainage and Transition:

To allow for a smooth transition after the overlay and allow for proper drainage, we propose to grind butt joints where the new asphalt will meet transitions points, i.e. existing asphalt, handicap ramps, loading docks, dumpster pads, entrances and exits, etc...

Install riser rings to all catch basins or grind around them.

Repairs Prior to the Overlay:

Remove potholed and/or deteriorated asphalt and base from designated area(s).

Install compacted #304 base stone if necessary.

Install 3" of compacted #402 base course asphalt.

Repair area(s) = ftXft sq. yards.


Remove car blocks (if any) and store them on site.

Apply asphalt tack coat to entire surface at a rate of 0.06-0.10 gal/sq. yard.

** IMPORTANT ** - To help pre-level the existing asphalt, we will install a leveling-scratch course to low areas as necessary. This can not guarantee the elimination of low spots but will greatly reduce them.

Pave 1 of compacted #404 finish course asphalt.

Re-set car blocks.

Asphalt Milling / Paving

Some existing asphalt surfaces can not simply be overlaid. If pavements are old and already have several layers of asphalt installed or are severely pot-holed and functionally unsound, they might need to be milled prior to re-paving. In some cases a portion of the pavement detail may need removed, rebuilt, and repaved.

M&D Blacktop has the experience necessary to help you evaluate your asphalt and assist you with your decision.